While most other seniors are still awaiting college application responses, Yuxi Xia has already received her offer from Wellesley College, an excellent women’s liberal arts college in Massachusetts.

Xia comes from Xiangtan, a small city in the central south part of China.

Despite spending four years in the States, she still feels deeply connected to her hometown and its culture.

Xia said, “The further away I am from home, the more I recognize how my experiences of growing up there have shaped me, and that just makes me appreciate it even more.”

Reviewing her four-year life at The Gregory School, Xia said the best part would have to be the wonderful teachers and amazing people she has met.

Before coming to the States, Xia expected that studying in the U.S. for high school would allow her to transition into a U.S. college more easily.

Because of her hard work and excellent performance, her dream finally came true when she was accepted into Wellesley College, ranked as the fourth best liberal arts college in the nation.