Women’s basketball started January with a prominent record and lots of success.

Going into the last week of January with a high seed in the section, fighting for a bye in the tournament held the second week of February, the girls braced for an intense week.

On Monday, January 25, the girls had a game versus Immaculate Heart. They won 48-40, and celebrated their success momentarily, for the week was far from over.

Next, the girls faced Valley Union on Wednesday, January 27, which was probably the most anticipated and exciting  game of the season.

To prepare for the day and to get everyone excited, both the men’s and women’s team put on a blackout in order to get fans ready for the big game.

In a nerve-wrackingly close game, the girls scraped a win by one point. The overall team performance was incredible; everyone pulled out their best games in order to secure the victory.

Friday, the girls succumbed to the pressure of an away game and the end to a very long week, losing to St. David on the road. However, their future looks bright.

If the girls can secure wins in the first week of February, they can keep a high seed and get ready for both the section and state tournaments later in the month.