Before the new school year had officially begin, The Gregory School Student Council had already made made some New Year’s resolutions to try and better reflect students’ interests.

On the very first day of school back from winter break, student council met with administrators of The Gregory School to discuss new policies on zero hour lateness as well as a possible 2% grade boost to all zero hour classes.

Currently, the administration has listened to the suggestions and created a committee to discuss the possibility of enacting these changes.

A point of major concern for Student Council coming into the new year was the Student Lounge. The Student Lounge closing has been a large problem this year with several instances of food stains on the couches, which has resulted in two weeklong closings of the lounge.

After several incidents of the brand new lounge being closed due to students eating in it and damaging the expensive new furniture, Student Council decided that they needed to determine a new way of promoting rule-following without punishing the entire student body for the actions of a few individuals.

The idea of putting a camera inside the Student Lounge was originally brought up earlier in the year by students, and later discussed in various student council meetings at the beginning of the semester. During class meetings in the middle of January, Student Council decided to leave the decision up to students.