Dividers have finally arrived in the men’s bathrooms of The Gregory School!As of two weeks ago, The Gregory School administration ordered dividers between the urinals of the men’s restrooms after the Upper School Student Council pushed them to do so.

As Student Council President, many people have asked me why I feel dividers are necessary. I wrote an article about them last year, and our Student Council has been pushing them since then.

Privacy is a basic right, especially in bathrooms. At a small school like this, having urinals next to each other with absolutely no privacy is not okay. It’s unsanitary, and inappropriate.

In fact, in a recent survey conducted by The Gregorian Chant, 96 percent of high school boys were dissatisfied with the condition of the men’s bathrooms.  While there are also serious plumbing issues in the men’s bathrooms, the lack of dividers was a serious cause of concern for the students here.

We thank the administration for fianlly providing the dividers.