Corsages and colognes perfumed the air on Sunday, January 17 during The Gregory School’s annual Winter Formal. This year’s venue, the Tucson Museum of Art, a museum by day was transformed into a winter wonderland by night where students lit up dance floors. The dance started at 8:00 pm, and students were already crowding at the entrance to take a look at the venue.

Ethan Van Den Berg parties with the winter formal crew. Photo courtesy of Shelli Moore.

Ethan Van Den Berg parties with the winter formal crew. Photo courtesy of Shelli Moore.

The museum was scattered with hors d’oeuvres, drinks, and colored lights. In the corner was a selfie spot where the dance goers could get a break from working up a sweat and take a picture with their friends. The selfie spot was a great hit the night of the formal, where there was almost constantly a line to get a quick picture.

Despite the common stereotype, this dance was not a “couples only” event. In an email sent to the school, the Family Association, who organized the dance, reminded students to not shy away from the event if they don’t have a date. It encouraged students to come and noted that most students who go to the dances don’t have dates. Even with this encouragement, the turnout wasn’t as expected.

Left: Gregory School Student Council President Karam Katariya dances with the upper school.

Senior and Gregory School Student Council President Karam Katariya leads Winter Formal attendees in a dance.

Less than half the student body actually went to the dance, however, the students who went really enjoyed about the event.

Senior Gabrielle Ventola said, “The dance really brought a lot of people together. We were all dancing and just genuinely having a great time.” Fellow seniors agreed that the formal was a great way to end their senior year.

Along with her fellow classmates, senior Sarah Mark said, “The music was better than most years.” The DJ for this dance was Satyr Entertainment, one of the most popular DJs in the southwest area. Satyr Entertainment played today’s top hits and met almost everyone’s requests for song choices, even the obscure ones.

As the dance wound down, students left still dancing and giggling. Even with the lack of student turnout, the dance truly was a success.

The venue, music, and lights all worked harmoniously to create a lively, and spirited winter formal.