The new co-ed Gregory golf team has drive with several new members. The boys roster is made up of Skylar Decker, Oliver Bates, Javieer Katariya, Polykarp Zach, Kiran Ramakumar, Andy Gujral and Ben Deitch.

The girls roster is made up of Chloe Goorman, Elena Acuna, Rachel Gonzales, Elaine Wright, and Sedona Naifeh.

There is a wide range of experience levels. Chloe Goorman, a freshman, and new member, said, “I joined because I wanted to get better at golf since I’ve played for a while but never competitively.”

Sophomore Elena Acuna, a second year member, felt sim- ilarly. “I golfed with a team growing up and had stopped for a couple years and my dad wanted me to pick it back up so I joined the team.

She hopes to work on her confidence and improve her overall game. Acuna said, “I’m still shaky about playing in matches so hopefully by the end of the season I overcome that nervousness and just play.”

Despite differences in experience, the team is very uni ed. Goorman said, “Everyone is pretty laid back and we are all there for different reasons, so almost no one is at at the same level. Because of that, everyone is supportive of another person’s progress.”

They have had five matches thus far. Senior Skylar Decker said, “We have all been playing pretty well.”

The golf team has two up- coming matches at Skyline Country Club on April 14, and Crooked Tree on April 20, and on April 25 at Del Ulrich, and April 28 at Tucson Country Club. On April 29 and 30, they have a macth at Antelope Hills.

Senior night is on May 4 at Poston Butte.