Candles lit the Arabian-inspired room of the Five Palms Restaurant for the Gregory School’s 2016 prom. On the night of Saturday, April 2, Gregory students flooded the upstairs room for a night of celebration.

Upon entering the room, students were stunned by the decor and effort put into really creating the theme of “Arabian Nights.”  Lights had been strung from the ceiling, with a large dance floor in the middle and tables set up all around the room and perfumed flowers on every surface.

The scent of those flowers mixed with the intricate corsages brought by students, filling the air with a sweet fragrance that lifted everyone’s spirits.  The dance officially started at 8 PM, but most students didn’t start coming until 8:30 or 8:45.

Once people started entering the restaurant, the DJs of the night, which were actually Gregory School’s very own freshmen, started blasting the requested music of the evening. To request a song, students went to the booth and wrote down their requested tune in the iPhone of one of the freshman.

Almost all of the requested songs were played, which was a real hit with the prom-goers.

The dance floor was nearly full for the first few hours of the evening. As the hours passed, students were tired of dancing and eating and just wanted to go to whatever they had planned for after the dance.

When leaving the building, students were stopped by TGS administrators, who said their parents would be called if they left the dance any time before it ended at 11 PM. This phone call frenzy caused mayhem as parents and students tried to get in touch.

No one expected to stay until the very end of the dance, so a long line of students formed out of the Five Palms restaurant while they waited for one administrator to call their mother or father.

Some parents said they were woken up from their sleep, and others said they frantically called their children thinking something bad had happened. A number of students and parents declined to be identified in the newspaper.

One student said their mother was about to call the police because they thought something was wrong when a member of the office called her.

Junior Zakaria Lamri said, “The phone calls at the end of the night were completely unnecessary. It took me 20 minutes to leave prom because they wanted to call everyone’s parents and let them know that they were leaving. I only left 30 minutes early and my parents still had to be called.”

“If they do that next year, I think a lot of people would reconsider going to prom,” Lamri said.

Despite this issue exiting prom, the beginning of the prom night was a hit for the students.

The ground was thumping from so many students dancing and the room was filled with roars of laughter. These roars of laughter were silenced during the phone call incident, which sadly turned a sweet experience to a sour one.