On Saturday, April 9, the men’s volleyball team did something no one thought could happen: they beat Catalina Foothills, taking it to Game 3 and coming home with their first victory of the season.

Given that the team is new this year and full of first-year players, the win was a happy surprise.

On April 9, the boys had a record victory against the Foothills volleyball team. This is The Gregory School’s first year of men’s volleyball.

“The team is a work in progress, but we’ve been practicing a lot and we were able to squeeze out a win against Foothills,” junior Ben Davis said.

He is very happy about the quick improvement of the team. However, he has no misconceptions about the long road ahead.

The team consists of freshmen Ian Urquhart and Eric Song, sophomores Michael Artzi, James Bauman, and Logan Jacobs, junior Ben Davis, Eric Johnson, and Jacob Rosquist. The team only competes against junior varsity (JV) teams.

So far, the team has won one game and lost four. They have played against Foothills and Desert Christian, and have upcoming games against Ironwood in Tucson and Phoenix. They are also set to play CDO and Mountain View in upcom- ing matches.

Davis said, “This year I want to focus on player development. I’m very excited for the upcoming season. I hope we can get some more wins!”