It’s that time of the year.

No, no, it’s not the Christmas season. We have still got eight months to go until that comes. Neither is it for Easter. That’s already happened. And it’s not my birthday, either. That was on the 5th. As far as TGS, well, they have some noteworthy end of the year events coming up.

Right now, it’s time for the Pima County Fair. On the far side of Tucson, at 11340 South Houghton Road, every year, the Pima County Fair comes to town and makes children’s days.

This year, the fair also welcomes top musical artists like rapper Nelly to Tucson for evening concerts.

To date, I have been to the Pima County Fair only twice, including a visit in 2011. The two times that I did go, I really enjoyed it. In the early afternoon, there were many attractions.

Some zoological wonders at the fair include a monkey enclosure, a place where one can get their picture taken with sea lions, a shark tank, and a place to ride an elephant. Per usual to carnivals, there are games where one can win a prize.

And then there were the big rides. There were some roller coasters (which I personally do not enjoy), and many, many other big rides such as go-karts, monster trucks, and more. All of those are scheduled to return five years later in 2016.

The carnival is scheduled for April 18-27, but events on the fairgrounds will begin three days prior. There will be many different types of concerts and other events. Many other things happen on the fairground year-round, but the site’s main event is obviously the carnival.

So, if you’re bored on a lazy April weekend and have nothing else to do, go down to the Pima County Fair. If you like animals, entertainment, music, games, and rides, then this Pima County Fair is the place for you.