This interim week brought many trips that allowed students to bond across grade levels, unlike the fall interim week.

The first semester interim week had a specific trip for each grade level. As a departure from this method, spring trips ranged from a five day trip to Manhattan to daily excursions around the Tucson area. TGS teachers were given the liberty to organize educational trips that reflected their interests and expertise.

Teacher Lori Barnett had previously lived in New York, which inspired her to organize a trip that took students to the Big Apple. Latin teacher Jeff Clashman had daily trips to local golf courses. Dr. Matt Teller, Jessica Langan-Peck, and Dr. John Willy took a group of students to Havasupai. All of the students regarded the trip as a fantastic, once in a lifetime experience.

Teachers Kevin Rolle and Robert Mossman provided students with a uniquely educational experience. They took a group of students up the coast of California on a unique birding expedition.

Under the expertise of world-class bird-watcher Mr. Rolle, students were able to observe a wide variety of species while enjoying California weather and attractions. 

Interim Week Photo Gallery

Photos courtesy of The Gregory School.