The Gregory School track team is on track to qualify for state. Senior Moritz Glosslein, the men’s team captain and team’s top runner, has already qualified to run the 100 meter run and the 110 meter hurdles, as well the long jump at the upcoming Arizona state tournament.

Other track athletes, such as senior and girl’s team captain Keely Breedlove, freshman Acacia Reeder, and sophomore Kai Morfin will most likely qualify for the state tournament as well, according to their coach, Robert Scribner.

These runners have a chance to qualify in some relays, along with some other events as well. Last year, the team only had two girls, whereas this year, there are five, along with four new boys.

“Besides early morning practices, which are a struggle to attend, this season has been one of the best in my high school career,” senior Moritz Glosslein joked. “I’ll be much better in college.”

So far, the team has only had four meets. Three of them were qualifying meets, and for those, sophomore Caroline Zlaket said, “It’s kind of hard to gauge our skill because we compete against Division 2 teams, which are a lot bigger and better than we are.”

The Gregory School, on the other hand, is a Division 4 team.