It’s your lucky day, because The Gregorian Chant is looking for new members.

There are many reasons to join the class, and it is not too late. The paper has been around for over 20 years, and the excellence of the Chant is notorious around Arizona. The Chant constantly wins awards for best small high school newspaper in Arizona, and many members receive individual recognition for their articles.

So, one might ask themselves, “Why should I personally join?”

Let me start by explaining how I joined The Chant. I was in the 8th grade at the time when I received a recommendation to join from my English teacher. A representative from The Chant told me that journalism is a great class if you love writing, and it can be a major benefit when submitting college applications. I was told that many students who took Journalism tend to write more eloquently as well as score higher on the ACT and SAT. Although it is hard to tell whether or not I have benefited on standardized tests based off of Journalism, what I can say is I have learned how to be a better writer. By taking journalism, you are exposed to different forms of writing, which helps prepare you for future essays in your other classes. You learn how to develop an article based off of a story or a question, which leads you to learn something in the process of writing.

Beyond the testing merits though, The Chant offers a unique opportunity for students to come together and analyze the environment they spend eight hours a day in. Within our journalism program we are encouraged to critically think, analyze, and articulate our own opinions on paper. Furthermore, unlike many other classes, in journalism we don’t test our knowledge via exams or worksheets, but rather through the creation of an actual product each month. Working on the school newspaper offers valuable professional experience and the opportunity to collaborate with other intelligent, like-minded students.

Some years, The Chant will go to the National High School Journalism Convention, which takes place during fall and spring in a different busting US city each year; in the past we’ve traveled to Washington DC, Boston, and more. At these conventions, you learn how to become a better writer or editor, as well as acquiring other innovative new journalistic skills. While doing all of these interesting things, you get to bond with all of your journalism partners and eat at great restaurants after a long day.

Writing for a high school newspaper helps enormously with college applications. The Chant constantly receives awards and is highly distinguished among other high school newspapers in Tucson. The Chant offers leadership positions, which help when writing applications. Furthermore, being a leader on the newspaper develops delegation skills, time management, and excelling at group projects. The Chant itself is one enormous group project that needs to be completed once every one to two months, which creates skills in collaborating with others to lay out pages and critique articles.

If you don’t like writing but love technology, The Chant offers other jobs that would interest you. We constantly need people to take pictures as well as lay out pages on the computer, which are two very important things. Designing the paper helps show your creative side and establishes problem solving skills. By learning to take good pictures, you develop skills that will last a lifetime.

While all of this sounds great, the best part is being part of a team of motivated and intelligent people who want to create a project that they can be proud of. The Chant newsroom is constantly filled with music, debates, and discussion, which leads to bunches of fun and good conversations. At the end of every year, The Chant goes to a restaurant to celebrate all of the hard work, which makes you feel like you are part of a team. It is truly a good feeling, and to think that you can both enhance your writing skills and strengthen your college applications while being part of an amazing group is unbelievable. Plus, you get to spend extra time with Mr. Mossman.

So, with that said, if you would like to join The Chant next year, please contact Ms. Ainza to reserve yourself a spot for a truly amazing class.