First, I have a confession to make: there is no class I look forward to at the beginning of each year quite as much as journalism.

Our very first period with the whole staff as we come together to brainstorm article concepts is always something to behold. Over a box of donuts we discuss issues on campus, celebrate victories, share ideas, and practice seeing the world through a journalistic lens. This is to say, we think critically, notice our surroundings, and ask essential questions of the institutions, people, and issues that affect us.

After the majority of our 2015-2016 staff graduated last year, and our previous advisor vacated his position, and our beloved publication lab space was repurposed, I was admittedly concerned going into this year. More than anything, I was worried we might lose this indispensable journalistic lens on campus life.

The existence of the newspaper in your hands proves that my fears did not come true. With a thriving staff of ten students across all grade levels – Mandarava Cox, Kai Morfin, Caroline Zlaket, Valentina Manrique, Kira McNeill, Sheela Gowrisankaran, and Tianyi Zhu – and the help of dedicated faculty advisor Mike Mann, I can confidently say the magic is not gone.

Our editorial board consists of myself as Editor in Chief, Caroline Zlaket as Managing Editor, Tianyi Zhu as Online/Business Editor, and Mandarava Cox as Creative Director. I am certain that with Caroline’s tenacity, Tianyi’s dependability, and Mandarava’s aesthetic flair, the newspaper will be more than capable of achieving its full potential.

But more than that, I’d like to make a formal vow: I promise to do my best to ensure that The Gregorian Chant continues to serve as the print voice of our vibrant, intelligent, and curious student body.

I have been practicing gratitude as I prepare to move on to my next academic chapter. In particular, I am grateful to be taking part in producing student publications that strive to express the character of our community as we were, are, and will be.

This is my last year in the TGS journalism program, but for several of our staff members, this year is your first. Let’s all make it a notable one.