Let’s talk about country music for a moment. While it is true that not everyone on campus is a country music fan, and in fact, it is probably the case that most students and faculty at TGS are not fans (notwithstanding the legendary Pandora playlists that Dr. Willy streams during his math classes), the effect of good country music on people is something that should be acknowledged.

Lead members of Florida Georgia Line Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley (BK, for short) decided after college that they would give themselves two years to make it as country music stars. Fortunately for them, it didn’t take even two years for their careers to blossom.

Discovered through Nickelback’s producer Joey Moi (who ever thought that Nickelback would be so successful?), BK and Tyler became more than just an independent duo making EPs in less than a year.

Flash forward five years, and you get a glimpse into how FGL’s lives have evolved. We were lucky enough to score pit tickets to their Ak-Chin Pavilion concert on Friday, October 7. We waited in line for about three hours, stood for more than eight, got home at one in the morning, and it was so worth it.

What made the concert especially memorable was that every single person in attendance knew every lyric to every song. Clearly, many people have been touched and moved by the songs spanning the duo’s three records because the crowd of 20,000 never grew silent.

We were within touching distance of both BK and Tyler multiple times throughout the night, and I think that helped us realize that they are just people, two guys who struck gold in the music industry and write lyrics that mean something special to people. Their rise in fortune has humbled them greatly, and they make us realize that nothing is ever absolutely out of reach.

BK has a tattoo on his forearm that reads, “Music = healing.” In addition to being the title of our favorite song on FGL’s most recent album, “Dig Your Roots,” music = healing is a perfect summation of the experience of attending an FGL concert.

Music is healing. We experienced it live.

It is those warm, desperate hugs you were silently longing for.

It is when you feel blissfully carefree and unabashedly happy listening to your favorite song.

It is that feeling you get from the rhythmic sound of raindrops as you bundle beneath a tangled avalanche of blankets.

It is that feeling you get when you’re driving, and your windows are down, and you’re screaming the lyrics to a song you had forgotten that you loved.

It is that feeling of being pieced back together when it seems that everything around you is crumbling.

It is the feeling of bliss when lyrics sound so right, too right in your ears. You hear your own story being put to song, and you realize that you actually aren’t as alone as you once thought.

It is the gentle reminders that linger in the back of your mind that things will be okay.

We always had an intuition about the power of music. We are grateful to Florida Georgia Line for reminding us of that.

They demonstrate how crucially important music is; we all feel a little bit more fortunate to live in a world filled with inspiring music. BK and Tyler remind us that we all learn to fly, and if we can’t, then we just re-fall.