On October 21, at the Comerica Theater in Phoenix, hundreds of excited teenagers bustled around the theater, some waiting to buy merchandise, others already running towards their seats, pulling out their phones to take photos. The opening acts by Frankie and Astrid S mesmerized the audience and kept everyone entertained until showtime.

After 30 minutes of stage set up, the house lights dimmed, and the only ones that flashed were bright, purple lights. The crowd quieted down and eagerly awaited Troye’s appearance on stage. Everyone’s heart jumped when they heard the screams of excitement from the front row of the audience. The cheering of the crowd reached its peak when they saw him run on stage accompanied by the sounds of girls screaming and yelling, “I LOVE YOU!”

He started off with “WILD,” one of his most popular songs this year, and the crowd sang along as he hit the chorus, and hands waved in the air, moving to the beat of the song. There was so much energy in the air, even parents that were dragged into the concert by their kids looked like they were enjoying themselves.

Troye Sivan on the front cover of Rolling Stone Australia. PHOTO COURTESY OF ROLLING STONE AU.

Troye Sivan on the front cover of Rolling Stone Australia.

After every song, the singer stopped and talked to the audience, making jokes and introducing the next piece he was going to sing. Awed, the audience laughed and cheered when he spoke, and some even cried when Troye crouched down to hold their hands. He joked about Phoenix and said the only thing he knew about it was the basketball team and how it reminded him of his home in Perth, Australia.

Before singing “BLUE,” the last song he said he was going to sing, he apologized for ending the show early because of his health. That morning the singer had woken up extremely sick, but decided to push through and perform at the concert because he didn’t want to let any of his fans down. The crowd was disappointed but nevertheless sang along quietly to this soft love song.

When the song ended, Troye thanked the crowd and walked off, leaving the audience confused. Clumps of the crowd chanted his name and clapped their hands, trying to catch his attention, but after a couple of minutes, some people lost hope and started to leave in small groups.

Suddenly, the lights flickered in different colors and the music became louder. People who were at the top of the steps stopped walking and watched the stage intently, waiting for something to happen. Troye ran back to the mic, laughed and said, “Alright, I lied. I’ve got two more songs.” The theater erupted into cheers as he grabbed the microphone, and the same groups that had begun to leave sprinted back to their seats. He put a spin on his last song, “YOUTH,” by speeding up the end, finishing off the concert with a bang. For real that time, he thanked the audience and ran off waving and smiling while the lights flashed behind him.