This year, the women’s volleyball team at TGS is doing great and expects to make it to state because of their talent, hard work, and commitment. So far, they have only lost three games, meaning they are ranked 6th in the state. They have also been winning in three sets, which is great when playing in sets of 5five. Their regular season will end at the end of October, but the team is certain that they will progress to state in November.

St. David High School is their biggest competitor, whom they have beat once at home and lost to once away. Devin Johnston ’17 believes that “St. David is a beautiful team and we just have to keep our head in the game.”

The team is unique this year because half of the members on the varsity team are sophomores, whereas usually the team is filled with juniors and seniors. The other things that the team has been focusing on this year include running a faster offense and learning more advanced plays that will make them a better team. However, to the team this makes no difference because the team has good chemistry, and as a group, they have stepped up their level of play.

The team has been concentrating on serve and receive and consistently becoming a better team and not playing at a lower level when they know they can win easily. According to Johnston, “our team’s biggest strength is that we’re all very unified, and we work well together.”

Though volleyball is obviously a competitive sport, for many of the athletes, it is also a way to have fun doing something that they love. Johnston, the team captain, has been playing volleyball from a very young age and loves to play because not only is it a great interactive team sport, but it’s also fun. This basic level of having fun while playing is incredibly important because it keeps the team lighthearted and helps them play well together not only as teammates, but also as friends.

Though mostly comprised of sophomores, the team still needs a captain whom they can look up to and who trusts their judgement. A captain is always looked up to by her teammates and must therefore inspire them and always strive to do the right thing. According to Johnston, as a captain, the main role is to “keep a positive mindset on the court so that everyone stays positive and pushes through any mistakes.”

Overall, the team has been steadily improving, and the younger students are stepping up to take a bigger role, which will get them to state.

UPDATE: The Lady Hawks made it to the state tournament as a 7 seed. In their first game, they faced the 10 seed, Duncan, and won in three matches. Their second game was against the 2 seed, Mogollon, and they lost a heartbreaker in five matches.