Basketball season, one of The Gregory School’s largest sports programs, is finally here. With a 7-1 record so far, and winning the Boyd Baker championship, the men’s team is looking great, and the players are all excited for a promising season.

Senior Nick Rosquist said, “We still have a few difficult teams that we have to play during the season, but as long as we continue to work hard in practice I think that we will have a very successful year.” Rosquist is very optimistic about this season, and ambitious about the games to come.

This year, three new freshmen are playing on the team. Head coach AJ Albritton said, “This year, the team’s ability to compete at a high level all the time is much higher compared to last year. We’re all stronger physically, but most importantly, mentally.”

As many know, Rosquist is a very dedicated basketball player. He said, “I do plan to play at the next level, and am in contact with a few Divison I and II coaches.” The team will certainly miss him next year, but it will be exciting to see his basketball career blossom.

Much luck to the boys’ basketball team as they enter into another successful season.


As a new season of girls’ basketball begins, the Lady Hawks are as excited as ever to see what the season holds. With two new freshmen on the team, and well-practiced upperclassmen, it seems like they will meet their usual high standards of success.

A lot has changed since last season, specifically the new coaching staff. The Gregory School welcomes new head coach Josh Dickinson, and assistant coaches Alyssa Johnson and Jim Carlson.

Coach Dickinson seems to be well liked among the group of girls.

Junior Caroline Zlaket said, “He is very level-headed, and I think that is really crucial, because in tough game situations you can never tell that he is stressed out.” She goes on to add that the composure their coach maintains “helps us maintain our own composure on the court.”

Coach Dickinson is big on team bonding, and alternates in off-court team bonding by taking each grade level out for lunch over the weekend after Saturday practices.

Chiara Gloesslein said, “He is trying to build his relationship with the team along with gaining our trust, which I greatly respect.”

It seems like his coaching style is different to what the girls are used to, but nonetheless the girls are open to change.

Coach Dickinson said, “The best teams play FOR each other, not WITH each other.”

He and his assistant coaching staff say that the girls have incredible potential for the regular and post-season.

Taylor Thompson, a returning senior, commented, “The year is looking great so far. Once we key in our set offenses and defenses, we will have a promising season.”

Thompson’s goal is to play college basketball. “Wherever I go, I hope to get a good education, while getting playing time.”

Thompson recently broke her own record from last year, scoring a total of 48 points.

It’s safe to say that this year will be another great season for the Lady Hawks.