Winter in Tucson is quickly approaching, and while we may not get school off for snow days or experience the constant feeling of being frozen, winter in Tucson still has its perks. One great thing about Tucson during the winter is that it is the perfect time to be outside and enjoy the 70 degree weather while it lasts.

Winter doesn’t have to be all about fun events and festivals. One can enjoy winter by relishing the simple joys of life. One such activity is hiking. Whether it’s taking the tram up Sabino Canyon and hiking up into the Catalinas or hiking the Seven Falls Trail, walking the trails in the Tucson area is the perfect mix of exercise and fun. The weather is cool enough to enjoy a hike without being beaten down by the sun. The view from any hike in Tucson is beautiful with the mountains, the saguaros, and the desert wildlife.

Hiking isn’t the only outdoor activity to enjoy in winter. There are also activities such as mountain biking. Winter is the perfect time for mountain biking because the weather is cold enough to not be at a risk of serious dehydration, and the trails aren’t very crowded. Tucson is one of those great places where it hardly rains in the winter, so trails like the “Arizona Trail” or the “50 Year Trail” don’t close.

While Tucson is an amazing place to be during the winter, there are some easy places to travel to near Tucson for those who want to get out of town. Bisbee has a small town feel to it, and you can tour a lot of historic buildings. In addition, this small town is filled with museums that hold ancient artifacts, ancient minerals, and remains of the houses of the original settlers of Arizona.

If a road trip to the historic Bisbee isn’t for you, then you can still enjoy winter in Tucson by going to local places such as the Desert Museum, Old Tucson, the Pima Air and Space Museum, and the DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun. All these places offer different events, wildlife and art featuring winter in Tucson. The Desert Museum even sometimes has some snow on its cacti. Exploring the museums of Tucson is fun because they are constantly changing and putting up new exhibits that tell more about the history of Tucson, the people of Tucson, and the wildlife of Tucson all of which are interesting things to explore.

Though making the most of the Tucson winter without snow is enough for some people, there are others who just crave the snow and the thrill of skiing or snowboarding down the slopes. Mt. Lemmon is the perfect place for those people. It is cheap, and during December and January, there is snow on most of the slopes. In addition, you can have fun in the snow without being in zero degree weather with a windchill.

The Tucson Museum of Art has recently opened a new exhibit that will last until February 12 called “The New Westward: Trains, Planes, and Automobiles that Move the Modern West.” This exhibit includes paintings of old-fashioned modes of transportation dating back to the 1800s. A museum provides a nice place to spend time during the winter because it provides an opportunity to learn about the culture of Tucson and the West.

Tucson is a great place to spend the winter. It is good for those who want to escape the cold of their natural home and it is also fun for its native residents. Winter is a time to have fun, and doing that in Tucson involves being outside, going to museums, and making the most of the festivals that only come once a year.