December 2014 Issue

TGS students in the dark about STUCO’s plans

“The Student Council doesn’t do anything. There goes the Student Council, not following through on their promises.” These statements are frequently heard around The Gregory School among the student body. …
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Girl’s soccer starts anew

The Gregory School girls soccer team began their season with a tournament in which they played Empire High School, Desert View, and Pusch Ridge. Although they lost all of the …
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The rising epidemic of eating disorders

One of the big issues people start to think about in their teenage years is body image. You look at yourself in the mirror and start with your face.  You …
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The rise of anime at TGS

Anime is Japanese animated productions, usually featuring hand-drawn or computer animation, and for many people it is considered more of a lifestyle than a hobby. Manga, the print version of …
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A curious case of “Senioritis” takes over the class of 2015

Senior year students are notorious for slacking off, not coming to school, and being generally lazy, otherwise dubbed as “senioritis.” The Gregorian Chant staff investigated this so-called epidemic among the …
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Blood Drive committee struggles for blood

Four times a year The Gregory School Blood Drive Committee coordinates a blood drive operated by the American Red Cross.

The process of donating blood is fairly simple. All a …
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Discussion on Middle School uniforms continues

Rumors have been confirmed by Head Of School Dr. Sherrill that a Middle School uniform could be appearing in the 2015-16 school year.

The Gregory School conducted a survey during …
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Beauty standards harmful to African-American women

As the number of African-American women in the media increases, many tend to think that the issue of equal representation has been solved. With several successful programs showcasing black female …
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New Financial Director arrives at TGS

Merle Henkel was hired as The Gregory School’s Director of Finance and Operations this year to replace Carol Baranowski.

According to Henkel, “I was a banker, specifically a commercial banker …
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Where does all the tuition money go?

A constant challenge for a small independent school is enrolling enough students to cover the school’s operational costs. The Gregory School enrolled 263 students at the beginning of the year …
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Obama announces immigration reform

President Barack Obama announced in late November his plans to reform the immigration system by means of executive action; a move that was sure to enrage congressional Republicans. The central …
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Media influence strong on 2016 election

The 2016 presidential race is beginning to take shape, and the November elections have just concluded, so the country should be in full political debate. That includes the youth of …
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More languages at TGS will enrich community

French teacher Amy Clashman positions herself at the head of the classroom, reading aloud from the current book that the Francophone Identities class is reading, A papillion dans le cité. …
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Ukraine conflict continues

About a year ago everyone in news and media was talking about Ukraine fighting its right to join the European Union as the Russian president would not let Ukraine do …
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Despite injury of 6’5” center, basketball leadership remains unstoppable

A new coach, a new team, and new leaders. The Hawks basketball team has had many changes this season. With the cancellation of the girl’s basketball program the girls will …
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