February 2015 Issue

Sports Update: TGS Women’s Basketball Impresses

Women’s basketball started January with a prominent record and lots of success.

Going into the last week of January with a high seed in the section, fighting for a bye …
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Students deserve off-campus lunch options

At The Gregory School, students have always wanted more freedom, or at least better food. Unlike many other schools in the area, TGS has always been a closed campus.

Pre-college summer programs debunked

Many teenagers participate in college preparatory summer programs hosted at universities around the country and the world. But are they worth it?

Tucson gets an alternative to dairy ice cream

On December 15th, Jeremy Shockley and Jennifer Newman have launched Tucson’s very first dairy-free ice cream parlor: Cashew Cow.

Cashew Cow offers healthy alternatives to ice cream, making all of …
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“Blackhat” disappoints
3 years ago

“Blackhat” disappoints

After seeing the previews for “Blackhat” in theaters, I was expecting that it would be a story about a genius hacker helping the government out while another hacker takes over …
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Teen sleep at odds with early classes

Recent scientific studies have indicated that the average American teenager does not get nearly enough sleep to function well. Only fifteen percent of teens reported sleeping for at least eight hours on school nights.

Girls soccer cancelled due to injuries and lack of players

The girls soccer season was cancelled due to numerous player injuries and a general lack of players.

Teachers talk professional development

The Gregory School has a late start Monday every three weeks, and teachers use this time for professional development meetings. Students must arrive at 11 AM, but teachers get here …
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Astronomical Photo Gallery opens at the University of Arizona

The first man landed on the moon on July 20, 1969. Neil Armstrong’s legendary words, “One step for man, one leap for mankind,” have reverberated ever since. With recent developments …
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Basketball paves way to state tournament

Three months into the season, this year’s basketball squad is showing great promise. The team currently holds a regular season record of 12-3.

Asha Ramakumar joins Class of 2016

Coming to The Gregory School at the beginning of the second semester, Asha Ramakumar is now the newest member of the class of 2016.

Ramakumar previously attended Catalina Foothills High …
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Downton Abbey review

The recent premiere of season five of “Downton Abbey,” the beloved television drama, has not disappointed the show’s American viewers. Created by Julian Fellows, the show first aired in the …
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Strict new late arrival policy implemented

In January, the administration imposed a set of new punishments for students who arrive at school any later than 7:50 AM.

Under the new late policy, latenesses are not excused …
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“Parks and Recreation” remains the best show on TV

It’s been a while since viewers have last been able to see life in Pawnee, Indiana but two weeks ago NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” graced TV screens nationwide with their …
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Dystopian novels take over

It is human nature to strive for a perfect society. That is why the interest of today’s youth in dystopian novels is so fascinating. A dystopian novel is a book …
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Obama Goes Big, Not Home at his Sixth State of the Union

It was an undeniably Obama-esque speech, full of pathos that was sure to win over millions of supportive viewers but few political opponents. Despite the Democratic party’s abysmal loss in …
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Remodeled Faculty Lounge honors Karen O’Brien

After a long overdue remodel, The Gregory School’s faculty lounge has a new name and a new face. In memory of a cherished member of the Gregory School community, the …
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Franco and Rogen’s “The Interview” sparks controversy

Over winter break, the cancellation and subsequent digital release of “The Interview” dominated headlines across America. “The Interview” is a comedic film that portrays an assassination attempt on North Korean …
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Guest poet visits TGS during poetry week

On January 29 and 30, The Gregory School welcomed its first ever guest poet for poetry week, Steve Kowit. Poet, essayist, workshop facilitator, inhabitant of San Diego and professor at …
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Literary Magazine relaunched

This semester, the literary magazine is back in full force. The staff has been working diligently to produce a new, online issue.

The ‘lit mag’ is composed of nine staff …
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Prom is looking PROMising

Prom is a day where high school students can dress up, take pictures, and dance away the night, but the prom committee’s experience is completely different because they have to …
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Seniors comment on graduation date

There has been a lot of discussion about the graduation date for the class of 2015. Dr. Sherril has made it clear that there will be no change made. The …
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Honor Committee no longer chosen by students

This year, students lost their right to vote for members of the school’s Honor Committee after annual  elections were eliminated. Rather than being elected by students, members of the Honor …
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